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Question 1

Who was the early dentist and also the inventor of many surgical Instruments:

1. Avicenna
2. Al-Zaharwi (Abulcasis)
3. Ibn Al-Hatham
4. Al-Jahiz


In the field of dentistry, al-Zaharwi sketched various instruments to use in addition to describe in many important dental operations. He also develop the technique of replacing defective teeth by artificial ones.

Question 2

The echo of the big bang can be heard in form of:

1. Cosmic rays
2. Gamma Rays
3. Microwave radio signals
4. Infrared radiations


On May 20 1964 American radio astronomers  Robert Wilson and Arno Penzias discovered the cosmic microwave background Radiation light that began  saturating the universe 380,000 years after its creation and they did so pretty much by accident. The two Radio astronomers won the  1978 Nobel Prize in physics for their work

Question 3

Omar Khayam was a:

1. Poet
2. Mathematician
3. Astronomer
4. All of these

Khayyam was an astronomer,  Astrologer physician, philosopher, and Mathematician. He made outstanding contributions in Algebra. His poetry is better known in the West than any other non-Western poet

Question 4

Who was the first  Muslim mathematician who used "Zero":

1. Ahmed ibn-e-Al Baitar
2. Ibn-e-Rushd
3. Ibn-e-Al-Haytham
4. Al-Khwarzmi


Abu Ja’far Muhammad ibn Musa Al Khwarizmi, (780 ___ 850 CE), Was the grandfather of Computer Science and the father of algebra. He was popularizer of Arabic numerals adopter of zero (the symbol, that is) and decimal system Astronomer, cartographer, in brief, an encyclopedic scholar.

Question 5

Why some Nebula shine?

1. Because they emit light
2. Due to burning process
3. Because they contain bright stars
4. Because they reflect light

Reflection Nebula are composed of dust and cool, neutral hydrogen. They shine by the reflected light of nearby stars. Without nearby stars they would be dark Nebulae.

Question 6

A shooting star is:

1. Sun
2. A comet
3. A meteor
4. An Asteroid


Question 7

A 'Clinical death' take place when:

1. There is no pulse
2. There is no heartbeat
3. Pupils are fixed and dilated and there is no reaction to light
4. All of above


Clinical death (0-4) Occurs from the time the person stops breathing and heart stops Pumping.

Question 8

What is the Hubble classification?

1. Classification of stars
2. Classification of galaxies
3. Classification of planets
4. Classification of earth's zone


The Hubble classification of galaxies also referred to as the tuning fork diagram because of its shape, classes galaxies along three main line into.

Question 9

Sun rises in the east and sets in West due to the:

1. Shape of Earth
2. Rotation of earth around the sun
3. Rotation of earth on its axis
4. Movement of the sun


The Sun rise in the east and set in the west. And that's because Earth spins -- toward the east.

Question 10

What are cyclones?

1. Sudden heavy flood
2. No rain for a long period
3. Heavy showers
4. Violent wind and rain


All 10 questions completed!

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Quiz - CSS MCQs of General Science and Ability

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