Blogger is a very advanced platform through which you can create your blog for free. You do not have to pay, create your own blog and earn money through it.


Blogger is the simplest and easiest platform you won’t have to put much effort into. If you have a Google Account you will also have a Blogger account. In addition, you can now manage your blog through the Blogger app and earn money using Adsense and AdWords services by google. You can even sell items through blogger۔ It’s easy!

Blogger has many options for customization. You can create your own custom templates or take advantage of pre-existing templates. In addition, you will find numerous websites where you can download and use Blogger templates on your Blogger website.

And for good we will also tell you a few websites where you can download the Bloggers template. And in addition, Blogger’s functions and usage will be explained and how to manage a blog.

First of all we will visit the Blogger website

Let’s get started:

We will need a Gmail account and if we already have an account we just need to “Sign in” to account 1st. After signing up or Loging in through Google account. Click on the “Create A Blog” button.
You will be presented with a new option. You will need to provide the Blog Title information here and then Continue to blogger button, as shown in image below…

As I have entered my display name “My name”. And clicked on continue to blogger button. Welcome to the Blogger Guys🇵🇰. Now we can create our own blog. First, let’s click on the “Create New Blog” button. As shown in the following image…

It’s very easy. You won’t have any problems if you completely follow our information.
A new pop-up dialog box appears in the new screen. Here you will choose the title, address, and theme of your blog. See the image below…

In the title, specify your Blog name. And write the blog’s website address in the address. For example, “Myfirstblog” should be a unique name that no one else has chosen before, and your blog will be visited with the same address. In the theme option you can select any theme. And click the Create Blog button. Here we are, in our 1st blog 😄

Now we have the main page of our new Blog. Things are very simple from here. On the left side we will see a few options links. This will be the main menu of our blog.

From here we will control the blog. Theme options like View Blog, Post Mangment and Theme Customization will be available.

Now we will click on the orange color button of Create Post And we will create our first post. As shown in pic below…

First, we will write the post title in the Text field. And then in the lower field that will be used for composing message.

Here we will enter our data. That is the body of blog and people would see the text and photos which will be added here. Above the composer you will see a few icons. This will help you customize your blog post. As such, if you want to add an image or make text bold or italic and play with the message formatting setting.
Now we will learn how to insert a new image with text.
Just click on the image icon shown in pic below…

A new dialog box appears on the screen as shown in the picture.

A new dialog box will appear. Now we will click on the “Choose File” button below the upload tab here and upload our image.

Our new image will be uploaded to the server and it will be displayed on the screen. As shown in the picture below…

Just click on the newly uploaded image and click on add selected button. The image will be added to the composer of the post…

And here is our first post message of the newly created blog.

We will continue from here in our next lesson. So please stay tuned! 😊


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