General knowledge about Pakistan:

1- The Highest Radio Station: Gilgit Radio Station in Northern Areas.

2- The Highest Pass Muztagh Pass in Norther Areas, at an elevation of 19.030 feet.

3- The Highest Railway Station: Khan Mehtarazai Railway Station, Baluchistan, at anelevation of about 2,221 feet.

4- The Highest Civil Award: Nishan-e-Pakistan.

5- The Highest Military Award: Nishan-e-Haider.

6- The Highest Peak: K-2, in Skardu (Northern Areas), with a height of 28, 250feet (8,610metres). It is the second highest peak in the world behind Mount Everest.

7- The Tallest tower and Monument: Minar e Pakistan in Lahore, with a height of about19% fee .

8- inches.8 The Tallest Minaret: The Four Minarets of Shah Faisal Mosque, Islamabad with aheight of 286 feet each.

9 – The Tallest Building: the Habib Bank Plaza in Karachi, Sindh, witha height of 345feet. It consists of 23 stories.

10- The Largest Commercial Bank: National Bank of P’akistan, with deposits worthRs.208.2 billion at 31st, December 1995.

11- The Largest Ralway Station – The Lahore Railway Station.

12- The Largest Lake: Manchhar Lake in Dacdu District, Sindh. It is also the largest lake of Asia.

13- The Largest Man-Mace Lake: Keenjhar Lake in Sindh, with a length of 32 km (20miles) and width of 10 km (6miles) It is about 25 kilometres from Thatta.

14- The Largest Railway, Workshop: the Mughlpura Railway Workshop in Lahore.

15- The Largest Library: The Punjab Public 1ibrary in Lahore, Purjab.

16- The Largest Museum: The Lahore Museum, Lahore.

17- The Largest and Oldest University: The Punjab University, Lahore.

18- The Largest Mosque: Shah Faisal Mosque, Islamabad.

19- The Largest Industry: cotton Textiles industry, Faisalabad is its main centre.

20- The Largest industrial Plant Pakistan steel mills Karachi (Sindh).

21- The Largest Oil Field: Mazari field, with a prodution of 3724 barrels per day in the first 9 ,month of 1995-96 July-March.

22- The Largest Natural Gas Field: Sui in Balochistan. Its share to the country’s total natural gas production was 36.62 percent in the first 9 months of July- March).

23- The Largest Province: Balochistan with an area of 347,190 sq km.

24- The Largest City: Karachi, Sindh, Lahore (the Punjab) and Hyderabad (Sindh) are the second and third largest cities of Pakistan respectively.


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