Story Name: 30 facts About Saudi Arabia!

Here are 30 interesting facts About Saudi Arabia!
1-: Water here is expensive and oil is cheap.

2-: The smallest or I should say cheapest car here (Grand mercury LS) and average 4kmpl.

3-: The paths here are known to women more than men, and here only women make full purchases, but stay in the veil!

4-: The population here is 4 million and cars are more than 9 million.

5-: The garbage of Mecca is pressed into the hills 70km away from the city.

6-: Zam Zam is used throughout the year and all over the world and is also used in Makkah and all over Saudi and has never been reduced to this day!

7-: There are 2200 types of food to cook!

8-: Mecca consumes 300 million birds a day!

9-: There is never a dispute within Mecca!

10-: Buttermilk, which is called ‘Laban’, is full fat, like Indian milk!

11-: Saudi Arabia has about 3 million Indians 18 million Pakistanis 1.6 million Bangladeshis 4 million Egyptians working in Yemeni and 3 million other countries Imagine how many people are going home from here!

12-: Mecca alone uses 70 million AC!

13-: Up to 6 and 8 cylinder cars running here!

14-: There is no crop except palm, yet every fruits, vegetables etc. from the outside world is imported here and sold regardless of seasons.

15-: There are 200 quality palm trees in Makkah and there is also a palm which has no bone or joints!

16-: Goat meat can be eaten here for 12 to 15 days!

17-: there’s nothing fake or dublicate sold in Mecca everything is genuine here! Even medicines.

18-: There is no river or pond in the whole of Saudi Arabia yet there is no water shortage!

19-: There is no power line outside Mecca, all underground!

20-: There is no sewer or drain all over Makkah!

21-: The whole city of Makkah is a mountainous area. Even now the road is 4 line 6 line 8 line 8 line 10 line and 12 line road and the tunnels that are built inside Paharon are 6 line 8 line!

22-: The world’s best cloth is worn here. While not made in Saudia!

23-: The government here gives 600 to 800 riyals monthly to every reading child!

24-: Here is a hotel Al back with the best in the world Chicken is cooked and this hotel is located right here in the city!

25-: There is no such thing as a cheat!

26-: The money that comes from the government for development work is fully spent!

27- There is no time for mustard oil to be consumed here, there is sunflower and maize oil for the purpose.

28-: There are no greenery trees, no plants, the mountains are dry and dark, but there is no problem with breathing.

29-: Saudi Arabia is, for the most part, an uninhabited desert land which includes the world’s largest contiguous sand desert, the Rub Al-Khali, or Empty Quarter.

30-: Everything here is called out and imported – still not expensive !!!!


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